The Milton McPike Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in December 2014 by alumni of Madison East High School and the Foundation for Madison's Public Schools (FMPS).  Our mission is to honor the memory of Milton McPike by giving scholarships and support to promising East High graduates.


Our goal is to offer a scholarship program that is different from most others.  Each Milton McPike Legacy Scholar receives a $4000 scholarship ($1000 per year for four years) to a college in Wisconsin and a commitment from East alumni mentors to support them along the way.


We are also proud to work with partners like the Madison Community Foundation and the Marquette Neighborhood Association to mentor students in memory of Milt McPike, Louis Swedarsky, and others. Please contact us to get involved with this project.


Milt McPike set high standards for all of us, and we are amazed to have raised over $100,000 in just the last few years thanks to the generosity of our donors.  This sum has permanently endowed the Milton McPike Memorial Scholarship Fund and will allow East High to award these scholarships in perpetuity. 


Recipients are selected by the East High Scholarship Committee, with whom we work to identify students who could best be served by renewable scholarships and mentoring.


The alumni of Madison East High School and the Foundation for Madison's Public Schools are committed to the success of future generations of Purgolder graduates.  Please consider donating to this fund and helping us in our mission. Thanks!


The Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools is committed to raising private funds to enhance educational opportunities for present and future students in Madison’s public schools. Over the years, the Foundation has awarded hundreds of grants for creative and innovative projects which could not be funded through the core school budget. The Foundation is dedicated to developing supportive relationships between the community and schools that enrich the education of children.


Established in 2001 by a group of community leaders and former educators, the Foundation believes that every child deserves the best education. Since its founding, the Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools has awarded $1.28 million in grants to local schools and created endowment funds for each of the fifty schools in the district. Community partnership programs implemented by the Foundation include Adopt-a-School and A Principal Experience (formally known as Principal for a Day), which both help strengthen the relationship between the schools and the Madison community.  (from fmps.org/about/)